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Judge me, fuck you

Name: Kelsey
Age: 17
Location: Atlanta, GA
Tell us something INTERESTING about yourself: I can somewhat draw if i ever get the time. I am trying to learn how to play guitar. And....I have a cat with extra toes.

Top 10 favorite bands: Ugh...i dont know...Atreyu, Killswitch Engage, Bleed the Dream, Poison the Well, Northstar, Darkest Hour, Thursday, Underoath, Finch, and Mudvayne. I can't really decide.
Favorite song EVER and why: At this moment...The Remembrance Ballad-Atreyu. It just says that life "is just a state" and i take it as living every day to the fullest.
What would we find in your closet? Shoes. A lot of older clothes that need to be given away or something. Boxes of notes. And a bunch of oil paints and other drawing and painting stuff.
List some of the best shows you've been to and some of the worst: I think the best was summer sanitarium 2004. Mudvayne...was incredibly awesome, and it was good to see Deftones...even though they weren't all that great live. But I was supposed to go see Atreyu on the 20th...but I worked. Um, the worst was probably Music Midtown which just had lame bands except for Offspring...which is why I went.
List 5 things that ANNOY you: ignorant people, people who judge before they get to know someone, school, when peanut butter or chocolate stick to the inside of your mouth, and when im broke.
Pick any song lyric that describes you and why:
So I say thank you for the scars
And the guilt and the pain
Every tear I've never cried
Has sealed your fucking fate
Did you take me for, a fool
Or were you just too blind to see
That every effort made has failed
And there is no destroying me

Um, I delt with a lot of issues that I now regret, but then again I am stronger in the end cause of people and their bullshit and cruelty. But yeah...
What's your favorite past-time or hobby: i like horseback riding...haha. I used to take lessons. I am trying at guitar...but i suck. And I like going to shows and concerts...but im broke.
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