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Judge Me, Fuck You

Location:Windsor, Ontario
Tell us something INTERESTING about yourself: my name is walter...i play the drums and i went to warped this year
Top 10 favorite bands: Atreyu, Silverstein, underOATH, Alexisonfire, Taking Back Sunday, Metallica, A7X, Used, Rise Against, Senses Fail
Favorite song EVER and why: The Crimson, like its so perfect and its hard to find songs like that anymore
What would we find in your closet? in the corner ;)
List some of the best shows you've been to and some of the worst: well warped is the best, some hardcore local shows, the worst are the soft, accoutisc show i went to
List 5 things that ANNOY you: People that like one band cuz of their single, stereotypes, smoking, clowns, simple plan
Pick any song lyric that describes you and why: "I will not be broken, though i am the one that bleeds" proves that nothing can really break me even though sometimes i left myself too (the one that bleeds)
What's your favorite past-time or hobby: drumming
Promote to 2 places and show the links: (my website) (pure volume)
Post atleast 3 clear pictures of yourself:

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I love you, but try joining another community, cause this one has been dead for a while. Just to let you know =/
you serious?...awww

I know, it pissed me off when I realized that everyone was leaving and no one was joining anymore =[ But there's about a million other communities, I'm sure you'll find one that will like you. If you're into rating communities you can try joining mine, it's in my userinfo. If not, just search the interests, you'll find one =]
whats ur community about?

It's a rating community, called scenetrash. It's not necessarily for only those who are scene, but for those who have a great taste in music && a good opinion on what the scene is about. We just worry about your music && your thoughts on the scene, mainly.
hmm i like can i join?
Go for it, we need more guys =]
that i shall do, any forms or anything?
Just go to the info page, and you should find an application there. =]
Yea sorry..this community kinda died. It was made like last exactly a year ago.

But anyways you're a cuite..add me?
sure add me back
done. (: