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-Name: Taylor
-Age: 14
-Location: Miami
-Tell us something INTERESTING about yourself: um.. i have a double jointed shoulder? i named my guitar xavier.. is that interesting?
-Top 10 favorite bands: only ten? hm. a7x, the used, the misfits, atreyu, brand new, from first to last, from autumn to ashes, the postal service, coheed and cambria, bright eyes
-Favorite song EVER and why: tough one. hrm.. probably Wish You Were Here- Pink Floyd because its a great song with great lyrics (especially the "were just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year" line) and i love the guitar in it and his voice... its just an amazing song
-What would we find in your closet? hah probably barbies from when i was like 6. and stupid board games, clothes, and shoes.. oh! and a pitchfork from when i was a devil for holloween like 4 years ago
-List some of the best shows you've been to and some of the worst: best- taste of chaos. it was incredible. plus i met two of the guys from a static lullaby so that was cool. worst- hrm. y100 summer splash in like 5th grade. i dont remember any of the bands that were there except o-town and the calling. it sucked.
-List 5 things that ANNOY you: easy mac (i love it but i always make it wrong), when my dog eats my stuff, losing my eyeliner, people i dont know commenting on my bracelets (or grabbing/rubbing -yes. rubbing-/taking them), severely two faced and hypocritical people.
-Pick any song lyric that describes you and why: "Oh why cant I be what you need, a new improved version of me, but i'm nothing so good, no i'm nothing, just bones, a lonely ghost burning down songs of violence of love and of sorrow, i beg for just one more tomorrow where you hold me down fold me in deep deep deep in the heart of your sins" i dont know.. i guess it describes how i feel like im never good enough for anyone.. so yeah
-What's your favorite past-time or hobby: playing my guitarrrr. writing. going to camp (my camp is like my life. its kind of sad). going to blockbuster in pajamas with my friends and stamping the "void" stamps on our foreheads, or going to publix in pajamas and buying cake mix.. only to go home and only bake half of it (we ate the rest of the batter) and write all over ourselves with food markers
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