In.Shadows.Growing.Wings (screamokid14) wrote in livelov3burndie,

Judge Me, Fuck You

Location:Windsor, Ontario
Tell us something INTERESTING about yourself: my name is walter...i play the drums and i went to warped this year
Top 10 favorite bands: Atreyu, Silverstein, underOATH, Alexisonfire, Taking Back Sunday, Metallica, A7X, Used, Rise Against, Senses Fail
Favorite song EVER and why: The Crimson, like its so perfect and its hard to find songs like that anymore
What would we find in your closet? in the corner ;)
List some of the best shows you've been to and some of the worst: well warped is the best, some hardcore local shows, the worst are the soft, accoutisc show i went to
List 5 things that ANNOY you: People that like one band cuz of their single, stereotypes, smoking, clowns, simple plan
Pick any song lyric that describes you and why: "I will not be broken, though i am the one that bleeds" proves that nothing can really break me even though sometimes i left myself too (the one that bleeds)
What's your favorite past-time or hobby: drumming
Promote to 2 places and show the links: (my website) (pure volume)
Post atleast 3 clear pictures of yourself:

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